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questions (and answers) about energy

questions (and answers) about energy
Con Edison knows that customers have questions about what energy will cost this winter and how to cope with any changes in their bills. Here are some of the questions our customer service representatives answer all the time.

Q: What will happen to energy prices this winter?
A: Natural gas prices have been falling, and thatís good news for customers who use gas for heating. If winter temperatures are normal, we expect home heating bills will be about 5.6 percent lower than last year.

Q: How can I reduce my heating costs? How can I keep my bill down?
A: The best way to manage your heating costs is to conserve. For ideas on how you can stay warm in the coldest weather and save money on home energy costs, visit our winter energy-savings tips pageand The Power of Green website.

Q: Are there any programs available that can help me use less energy?

Con Edison is offering a wide array of energy-efficiency programs that offer rebates, incentives, and energy audits to residential and commercial customers. For example, residential customers residing in a one-to-four family home can receive up to $1,000 in rebates for installing high-efficiency heating and A/C equipment. Small business customers can receive a free energy survey that identifies energy-efficiency measures and financial incentives up to 70 percent heating, cooling, and lighting upgrades. To find out if you qualify and learn more call 1-877-870-6118 or visit

Customers who install high-efficiency, natural-gas-fired heating systems can qualify for big rebates. Homeowners of one-to-four family homes can receive rebates up to $1,000. Owners of multi-family buildings with five to 75 units can qualify for rebates up to $15,000. Call 1-877-870-6118 for details.

Q: How can I better manage my energy bills?
A: Consider enrolling in our Level Payment Plan. With this free plan, Con Edison estimates your yearly energy costs and spreads your payments evenly throughout the year. That way, you have more control and are protected from seasonal cost peaks. With level payment, your monthly bill will still show your actual usage and the costs for your service for the billing period. We'll compare your bills and payments three times each year and, if your level payment amount is too high or too low, we'll let you know and change the amount on your next bill. For more information or to enroll, call 1-800-752-6633.

Q: What assistance programs are available to help people with winter energy bills?

The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) offers income-eligible people grants to help pay their energy bills. In New York City, call the HEAP Hotline, 1-800-692-0557. New York City residents age 60 or older who received a HEAP grant last year are automatically eligible again this year. If you are age 60 or older and did not receive a HEAP grant last year, call 1-800-692-0557 for an application, or call 311. Westchester County residents should call the Department of Social Services, 1-914-995-5619.

If you get a HEAP grant or are on the Direct Vendor or Utility Guarantee programs, you receive our low-income rate. If you are not on the low-income rate but received a HEAP grant for a different utility or oil company, fax us a copy of your award letter. If you receive Medicaid, food stamps, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or income assistance from the New York City Human Resources Administration or Westchester Department of Social Services, you may qualify for a reduced rate. Please fax a copy of your award letter, account number, and telephone number to 1-212-844-0110.

Income-eligible customers can also apply for a one-time grant from our EnergyShare fund, which is administered by HeartShare Human Services of New York and helps pay outstanding Con Edison bills. For information call 1-877-480-7427.

Q: How does Con Edison keep energy costs down?

To help manage the volatility in gas prices and keep costs as low as possible for its gas customers, Con Edison enters into short- and long-term contracts. Such arrangements help us secure adequate gas supplies for the winter at competitive prices.



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