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Shift and Save with Time-of-Use

Our voluntary time-of-use rate encourages customers to reduce electricity use during peak hours and super-peak hours, by tying your electricity rates to the times at which you use it. Under the Time-of-use rate, you will pay a reduced rate during designated off-peak periods and an increased rate during peak and super-peak times.

The peak, off-peak and super-peak periods are detailed below, along with the delivery charges applicable to each period.

Peak, Off-Peak and Super-Peak Periods

Peak Off-Peak Super-Peak*
8AM - 12 Midnight 12 Midnight - 8AM 2PM - 6PM

* Please Note: Super-peak periods are only in effect Monday through Friday from June 1st to September 30th. Super-peak pricing applies only to a customer's supply charges and can vary significantly. For further information consult the super-peak rate guides.

Delivery Rates

  Peak Off-Peak Super-Peak
June 1 – Sept 30 18.99 cents/kWh 1.34 cents/kWh N/A
All other months 7.03 cents/kWh 1.34 cents/kWh N/A

Please Note:

  • Super-peak pricing applies only to supply charges, delivery charges remain the same as those during peak hours.
  • As specified in general rule 26 of the Con Edison electric tariff, a basic service charge of 19.87 per month applies in addition to any applicable delivery charges and/or adjustments.

Still Unsure? Check out our time-of-use calculator, or read through the FAQs below.

  • [+] How do I enroll in the Voluntary Time-of-Use rate plan?

    Enrollment can be done online or by mail.

    ONLINE: Submit a signed request including your name, address, phone number, and 15-digit Con Edison account number to

    MAIL: Submit a signed request including your name, address, phone number and 15-digit Con Edison account number to:

    Con Edison
    Attn: Time of Use Coordinator
    30 Flatbush Avenue (Room 520)
    Brooklyn, NY 11217

  • [+] Will I need a new meter

    Yes. Con Edison will install a new meter free of charge.

  • [+] Con Edison's Time-of-Use rate changed as of March 1, 2014. Is the old Time-of-Use rate still available?

    If you enrolled in the program under the old rate you will be "grandfathered in" and your peak and off-peak time periods will not change. Customers who enrolled in the program after March 1, 2014 will be billed under the updated rate. If you currently have the old Time-of-Use rate and decide to switch to the standard residential rate (or any other rate plan) you will be unable to switch back to the old rate.

  • [+] If I enroll in the Time-of-Use rate, can I change my mind?

    Full-service customers who switch to Voluntary Time-of-Use must remain on the Time-of-Use rate for a period of one year from the date of the switch. ESCO customers who enroll in Time-of-Use and then switch to full service must also abide by the one year contract.

    Customers who enroll in Time-of-Use after March 1st, 2014 and then switch back to the standard residential rate will be unable to reenroll in Time-of-Use for a period of 18 months.

    ESCO customers are not bound by the one year requirement so long as they do not become full-service Con Edison customers. However, like those on full service, ESCO customers will be unable to reenroll in Time-of-Use for a period of 18 months should they switch back to the standard rate.

  • [+] Are weekends and holidays considered off peak?

    No, weekends and holidays are subject to the same peak and off-peak pricing, however super-peak pricing (applicable only during the summer months) is in effect Monday-Friday from 2PM-6PM (even on holidays).




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