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frequently asked questions

Q: Why is my bill sometimes higher than usual?
A: A number of factors affect the amount of your energy bill. These factors include the varying number of days in a billing period, seasonal usage, whether the current or previous bills were estimated, if additional people are living in the household, the addition of new appliances, or the use of appliances for longer periods of time.

Q: Why do my bills vary from month-to-month?
A: Energy bills vary for several reasons. For example, the number of days in the billing cycle can change, energy costs fluctuate, and your month-to-month energy usage can change. You are billed for the amount used in the previous billing cycle. In the summer, electric bills are higher due to the use of air conditioners or fans. If you use gas for heating, then gas bills will be higher in the winter.

Q: Why is my bill sometimes estimated even when the meter reader has read the meter?
A: There are times when we send an estimated bill even though we have read the meter. This happens when the reading we obtained is not in line with your normal consumption.

Q: Why can't you put the meters outdoors?
A: Meters can be located outdoors. You or your landlord, however, will first need to hire a licensed contractor (at a cost to you or the landlord) to have the wiring and/or piping moved. After that is done, the licensed electrician will need to file the necessary paperwork showing the job has been completed. When our Energy Services department has received all documentation necessary, they will send an inspector to make sure the work is satisfactory before a new meter is installed.



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