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The Green Button was created in response to a nationwide challenge to provide residential and small-business customers with easy access to their energy use data. Con Edison has joined leading utilities across the country by providing the Green Button on our website.

Green Button

Green Button Download My Data

Download and analyze up to 13 months of your personal energy use data. Your data is strictly for your personal use, and we will not share it without your permission. You can use Green Button to provide developers and third parties your energy data in an XML spreadsheet file if you choose.

To view and download your energy use data, please sign in or register at My Account. Once logged in, please click on 'Green Button Download'.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with my data?
You can analyze and download your data into an XML spreadsheet file. The information can then be used to measure energy efficiency, optimize the cost-effectiveness of your heating and cooling systems, and provide customized controls for your energy use.

Can other people download my data without my knowledge?
No, your data can only be downloaded through the secured My Account login. You must be logged into My Account to view your energy use data.

How much data is in my file?
The file contains up to 13 months worth of electric and gas energy use data. ESCO charges are also included in the charges shown.

Why does Con Edison want to provide this data?
Con Edison wants its customers to be able to analyze their energy use to make better choices about how energy can be used and saved.



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