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Distributed Generation

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applications & instructions

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Application Process Overview

Interconnection Application process

New York State Public Service Commission's Distributed Generation Information Web Site for Standardized Interconnection Requirements (SIR) and Certified Interconnection Equipment

Determine the required form(s)
Customers must fill out all forms that apply to their specific type of distributed generation project (e.g., Solar PV systems need A, B, and G).

Any system under 5MW: Standardized Contract, Appendix A
If you are installing an inverter-based system: Appendix B
If you are installing a non-inverter based system: Appendix C
If you are net metering, going on standby, or a buy-back customer: General Rules Form G
If you are a developer representing a customer: Authorization Letter
If you are self-certifying a PV system 25kW or less: Contractor Certification for Verification Test
If you are applying for gas service for a CHP project: Rider H application form.

DG References
Please see Con Edison’s Service Territory DG maps here.
If you are installing a Community DG project, please read Con Edison’s Community DG Procedural Requirements
If you are installing a system over 5MW or installing emergency generation: Con Edison Distributed Generation Guide
If you plan to install a net metered system: Rider R
If you are not net metering, find out if you will be on standby rates: General Rule 20
If you are using natural gas for Commercial CHP: Gas Rider H
If you are using natural gas for residential CHP: Gas Rider J
If you are using steam:
How To Apply For Steam Service
Application For Steam Service
Steam Service Load Letter
Point of Entry Form Determination for New Services

Please submit all applications through Con Edison Project Center. If you have any questions, please email

Mailing addresses for Energy Services Offices

Select the region corresponding to the location of your proposed DG installation


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