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Distributed Generation

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net metering

If you are a customer within the Con Edison service area, and you are installing your own energy source based on solar, wind, farm waste, microCHP, or fuel cells, then you may qualify for net metering. Net energy metering measures the reverse flow of electricity so as to register the difference between the electricity supplied by the company and the electricity provided to the company by the customer’s generating equipment. For most people, their monthly energy usage will be diminished by the amount of their distributed generation. For some who generate more power than they are using, the meter will run in reverse. With net metering, at the end of each billing period, your bill will reflect the net or overall amount of electricity used or supplied. Con Edison will credit your account for the following month if the total amount of electricity generated exceeds your total usage for the billing period. At the end of each year, you may be eligible for a payment or credit, as described in Rider R.

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Net Metering

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