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Distributed Generation

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Customers may choose to install DG facilities in order to generate electricity on site. When the DG facility is interconnected with Con Edison's electric distribution system, the customer will continue to draw power from Con Edison to supplement their on-site generation, and may, at times, draw full power from Con Edison when the DG facility is offline. To provide this standby capability, Con Edison maintains enough local distribution capacity to be able to supply the full power demand from the customer's facility at any given moment, with or without the facility's DG capacity.

Customers who install DG and take Standby Service will be subject to Standby Service rates, with exceptions for DG installations that are eligible for Net Metering, for generators that are used solely for emergency use or during Demand Response events, for any residential or non-demand billed customers, for customers whose DG system supplies less than 15% of the facility's peak demand, or for customers that install DG technologies that meet the Designated Technologies criteria: (i) a DG system that exclusively uses a renewable fuel, (ii) fuel cell systems, or (iii) small, efficient types of combined heat and power (CHP) that do not exceed 1 MW of capacity .

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