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Distributed Generation

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specs & tariffs

General guides and specifications for DG customers (not applicable for net-metered DG)
CHP Customer Guide
General process overview for projects of all sizes
Interconnection Guide for Large Combined Heat and Power Projects
New technical guide for projects between 2 and 20 MW
DG General Requirements: EO-2115
Con Edison's handbook of general requirements for electrical service to dispersed generation
Generator Operation and Maintenance: EO-4133
General requirements for the operation and maintenance of DG equipment at the customer’s site

Specifications for high-tension service customers (for DG voltage connection > 4KV)
Information Guide for Customers Installing High Tension Service
High Tension Customer Service Requirements: EO-2022
Con Edison's general specification for high-tension service customers
High Tension Customer Operation and Maintenance: EO-4035
Operation and maintenance of all equipment on a High-Tension customer's premises

Specifications for emergency generation customers only
Emergency Generation “Break Before Make” Switch Load Transfer: EO-2113
This describes the requirements for the transfer of load from the company's supply to or from the customer's emergency generators. Note that there will be a brief outage as the source of supply is switched to either mode
Emergency Generation Transition Switch Load Transfer: EO-2134
This describes the requirements for a switch that allows for uninterrupted power while transferring load from emergency generation back to utility supply, through a brief “Make before break” transition switch. Note that there will still be a brief outage as the source of supply is switched from utility to customer generation

Requirements for new or increased gas service

Engineering Specifications for Steam

Tariffs (definitions of electric service and billing) for DG customers
All rates and tariffs
Tariff For Net Metered Customers only: Rider R
The rules and rates for customers with DG that qualify for net-metering
Tariff for all other customers using DG to sell electricity: SC11
The rules for customers selling power to the utility who do not qualify for net metering. This service is called “Buy-Back” because the utility purchases the customer’s electricity
Tariff for emergency export program
The rules for emergency export to the company's distribution system. This category applies only to customer generation that is connected at the high-tension level, and limited to generation in excess of customer load.
Tariff for all customers using DG to support their own load: Standby Service
The rules for customers that use DG strictly to support some or all of their own load, and do not sell any to the utility. This service is called “Standby” because the utility must be prepared to support all of the customer’s load in the event that the DG is not available

Gas service (requires an annual load factor of 50% based on customer’s winter peak day gas usage)

Rider H Commercial
Rider J Residential

Steam tariff (SC-4) for customers who install a Combined Heat and Power DG in the Company's steam service territory and utilize Company-supplied steam for back-up or supplemental

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