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Demand Response - Get Paid to Temporarily Use Less Energy Upon Request

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Con Edison's Demand Response programs pay over 800 participating customers to temporarily reduce electric usage when requested by Con Edison. Participating customers can earn up to $18,000 each year for every 100 kW of load relief provided.

Commercial and residential customers can enroll in the 2 Hour or Less Notification Program (Distribution Load Relief Program). Upon request, participants reduce their electric usage to help maintain system reliability in their communities.

Customers can enroll in the 21 Hour Notification Program (Commercial System Relief Program). Participants temporarily reduce electric usage on the hottest days.

For more information on the programs, continue to the Demand Response Details page.

Access Free Technology to Manage Your Energy Use

Our Customer Care for Energy Management website provides customers with energy and load analysis data and allows you to create reports to help you better understand your unique usage patterns and manage your energy cost.

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Participants must have a communicating interval meter. Click here for the manual and application. Email us at if you need help determining if your facility has an interval meter.
  • Customers may be eligible to participate in both programs simultaneously.

Apply Now

For full program rules, read through Rider T of our tariff. Enrollments will be accepted up to April 1st for a May 1st start date and up to May 2nd for a June 1st start date.

We encourage you to apply through an Aggregator. If you are able to reduce 50 kW or more, you can also apply directly with Con Edison.

To participate directly with Con Edison, complete and submit the Demand Response Programs Application and Enrollment File. Applications as well as any questions you may have can be submitted to