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Get a smart thermostat for free. Call or email us for more information on the program.

Planned events will be called if the day ahead forecast is 96% (or greater) of the forecasted summer peak demand.

This information is only for the participants of Con Edison's Demand Response programs.

Control Your Central A/C Remotely and Manage Your Energy Use

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Sign up for our FREE smart thermostat with installation, and you can control your thermostat from anywhere.

Your new smart thermostat can help you manage – and cut – your heating and cooling costs. Whether you are at work or away, use your computer or the thermostat app on your smartphone or tablet to adjust the temperature. It’s that easy.

In addition to your FREE thermostat, app and installation – a $400 value – as residential customer, you will also receive a $25 thank you check.

As a business customer, in addition to your FREE thermostat, app and installation – a $400 value – you will also receive a for $50 thank you check.

Con Edison has hired Honeywell to install the smart thermostat and provide the free user-friendly app to you. The thermostat also helps us reduce energy consumption during periods of high energy use by making brief adjustments to your air conditioning setting. These adjustments occur only in the summer when we all want reliable energy service. You are always in control and may override the settings at any time.

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Con Edison residential customers with central air conditioning are eligible Apply now

Con Edison small business customers with central air conditioning are eligible. Click here to apply

For more information and to sign up, give us a call at (866) 521-8600 or email us at

You can also learn more about the Con Edison Central Air-Conditioning Program in the Con Edison Service Classification Rider L. The tariff leaves may not reflect the most recent tariff changes approved by the New York State Public Service Commission.