Get Paid for Recycling Your Freezer or Refrigerator

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Reduce waste, get paid and knock another item off your to-do list

Upgrading to a more energy efficient refrigerator and freezer is better for your wallet and the environment. Skip the hassle of removing old appliances yourself and call us. We understand that bulky appliances can be intimidating, but recycling is important. Every appliance that you recycle means one less ends up in a landfill or junkyard. We're here to help. We'll remove your old refrigerator and freezer and pay you $50! If you have old window or wall or air conditioning units* we will remove them as well and pay you $25!

Earn cash back by recycling your old refrigerator, freezer or room AC units*.

  1. Schedule a FREE pick-up online or over the phone
  2. Qualifying Appliances will be hauled away for free
  3. Receive cash back

Schedule Your Pick-Up

To schedule an appointment over the phone call us at 1-800-430-9505.


  • Freezers and refrigerators must be in working condition.
  • Maximum of two rebates per eligible appliance (max of 8 appliances and rebates).
  • Only Con Edison residential electric customers living in 1-4 unit homes meet eligibility for this program.
  • Air conditioners are only eligible for pick up along with a freezer or refrigerator.