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Energy Efficiency Rebates

Find out about high-efficiency equipment rebates for oil-to-gas conversions.

Planned events will be called if the day ahead forecast is 96% (or greater) of the forecasted summer peak demand.

This information is only for the participants of Con Edison's Demand Response programs.

Control Your A/C Remotely with a Smart Thermostat

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At home or on the go, control your central A/C from anywhere

Con Edison residential or religious rate customers with central air-conditioning who enroll in Con Edison’s Central Air-Conditioning Program receive a FREE smart thermostat, app and installation ($400 value), and a $25.00 thank you check. A smart thermostat is a smart choice. Control your A/C no matter where you are and help keep power reliable in your neighborhood.

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Already have a smart thermostat? You may be eligible for an $85.00 rebate. Learn more.

For more information about the Central Air-Conditioning program or the free thermostat call us at 1-866-521-8600 or email us at