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Energy Reduction Incentives for Large Power Users

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An opportunity exclusively for our biggest customers to self-direct system benefits charges into a personal energy savings account.

How it works

  • Direct the system benefits charges you’re already paying to an energy savings account* that you can use to invest in new capital energy efficiency projects
  • Use it or lose it – you have three years to invest the money and implement your project
  • Get significantly larger incentives** per kWh savings than you would with our traditional program for commercial and industrial customers

Who is eligible

  • Customers with an average demand of 2 MW or more over 36 months
  • Customers who aggregate 4 MW or more over 36 months (at least one property in the portfolio must have at least 1 MW of demand)

The fine print

  • *Once enrolled, your system benefits charge contribution (0.19¢ per kWh) will go toward your personal energy savings account for your exclusive use, instead of going to the general systems benefit charge pool available to all commercial and industrial customers under our traditional program
  • Upon completion and verification of your energy efficiency project, use these funds to pay yourself back
  • **Participants get 23¢ per kWh saved, compared to 16¢ for traditional commercial and industrial customers

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