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smart grid initiative

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Con Edison Smart Grid Initiatives
Smart grid combines various technologies that modernize the electric grid which allow for a two-way flow of energy and information. Con Edison first invested in a $6 million smart grid pilot project in Queens in late 2009. Since then, the Department of Energy awarded Con Edison nearly $200 million to implement large-scale company smart grid projects that total almost $400 million today.

Current Plans

  • Deploying smart grid technologies focusing on proven technologies, such as intelligent grid systems. Intelligent grid systems use sophisticated communications technology that find problems on the grid and fix them faster, enhancing reliability.
  • Testing technology that can analyze critical information in real time throughout the grid to facilitate energy management, planning and forecasting.
  • Testing the integration of greener energy sources, electric vehicles, smart meters and smart building technologies.

Smart grid technologies would help nine million New Yorkers use energy more efficiently, support alternative energy sources, and enable widespread adoption of electric vehicle charging.

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