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gas rates & tariff

Schedule for Gas Service, P.S.C. No. 9 – Gas

  Tariff Rate Summaries and Historical Rates and Adjustments for All Service Classes
Historical Rates for Interruptible Rate 1 Prior to March 1, 2014
  This Month's Rates Summary For Interruptible Service
  This Month's Statement of Interruptible Full Service Rates
  This Month's Statement of Interruptible Transportation Service Rates
  The Statement of Temporary Rate Adjustment
  This Month's Statement of Gas Cost Factor - GCF
  This Month's Statement of Monthly Rate Adjustment for Firm Full Service - MRA
  Statement of Revenue Decoupling Mechanism Adjustment - RDM
  This Month's Statement of Merchant Function Charge - MFC
  Statement of Percentage Increase in Rates and Charges
  Statement of Temporary State Assessment Surcharge - TSAS
  Daily Weather Norm Factors
  Gas Sales and Transportation Operating Procedures (GTOP) and Applications
  Addenda - UBP



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