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knowledge center: condensate reuse illustrations

We encourage our customers to minimize their steam and water consumption. One way this can be accomplished is by reusing condensate. The following are some of the ways in which you can reuse condensate in your building:

Preheat Domestic Water

  • Using condensate to preheat water not only decreases steam consumption, but also reduces the amount of city water required to temper the condensate before it is drained to the sewer. As a result, the total amount of water drained into the sewer is also reduced. As shown in the sketch below (Condensate Reuse to Preheat Domestic Water), this method requires a water to water heat exchanger, piping, and possibly pumps.
  Condensate Reuse to Preheat Domestic Water

Reuse for Cooling Tower Makeup 

  • The use of condensate as cooling tower makeup decreases the amount of city water that is used to temper the condensate and for cooling tower makeup. The total amount of water drained into the sewer is also reduced. As indicated in the sketch below (Condensate Reuse for Cooling Tower Makeup), this method will require piping, pumps, and a diverting valve.
  Condensate Reuse for Cooling Tower Makeup

Display Fountain and Sidewalk Cleaning

  • Both of these methods result in reduced consumption of city water. In both cases condensate should be tempered with city water prior to use. Hence, the plumbing systems would have to be modified accordingly.

Grey Water System

  • A grey water system may use condensate water in non-potable sections of the building’s plumbing system (e.g. toilets), thereby reducing city water consumption and drainage into the sewer. Re-plumbing existing risers may be cost prohibitive. This method may be attractive for new buildings under construction.

The illustrations above give you an idea of how some of the more popular methods for condensate reuse could be incorporated into your existing mechanical systems. Please feel free to call us at 1-212-460-2011 if you have any questions or ideas that could improve the methods we have described.

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