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steam rates: incentive programs

The Con Edison Steam Operations wants to make it cost effective for you to do business with us. In summer, to help reduce peak electric load, we would like to encourage you to switch to steam-powered cooling. We are offering reduced steam rates to help offset the costs of operating new steam air-conditioning systems. Steam is the best choice for both economical and reliable cooling.

Steam Air-Conditioning Summer Discount Program
As described in SC 2 and SC 3 tariff Special Provisions D and E, when a customer installs a new or replacement steam air conditioning system, Con Edison will provide a $2.00 per 1,000 pounds discount for cooling steam.

A customer applying for the reduction must notify us at least two months before installing a new or replacement air conditioning system. Eligibility is effective with the first summer monthly billing period (May through October) that commences subsequent to the date on which we receive written notice from you that the installation is complete. 

For more information, e-mail the Business Development Group at, or call us at 212-460-2011.

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