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The Con Edison Steam Operations has six service classifications. Summaries of each are provided here. For more detailed information concerning these service classifications, click here.

Service Classifications
SC-1 All-purpose steam rate for small commercial and small residential accounts such as tailor shops and five (5) story brownstones.
SC-2 Annual power service for steam heat and/or air conditioning for large commercial office buildings, hospitals, and hotels.
SC-3 Apartment house steam service for buildings with at least fifty (50%) percent residential and containing at least three (3) or more separate living apartments.
SC-4 Power service to customers who use steam supplied by the company and another energy source for the same purpose during the winter months. (Back-up/Supplementary Service)
SC-5 Negotiated agreement to retain and attract customers that have viable competitive alternatives to the company's steam service.

SC-6 Firm transportation and delivery of steam to the premises of a customer who arranges for third-party supply of steam.

*To access the complete service classifications, you need Adobe Reader: If you do not have Adobe Reader you may click here to download it. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

For information about Steam Service Installations click here.

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