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Competitively Priced
The Con Edison Steam Operations is ready to offer you rates competitive with those of alternative sources of energy. Contact us to ask about a negotiated agreement to keep your energy costs down.

We also have an air-conditioning program available for large steam customers. The company already supplies 700,000 tons of steam air conditioning (A/C) load. We offer a reduction of $2.00 per thousand pounds from our summer rate for usage in excess of the first 50,000 pounds of steam for residential customers and the first 250,000 pounds of steam for commercial customers. The city and your business receive an added benefit because our existing steam air conditioning customers reduce the summer electric peak load by approximately 400 megawatts.

Con Edison's Steam Operations is committed to providing highly reliable steam service. With an installed capacity of about 13 million pounds per hour, Con Edison maintains the steam production capability to meet forecasted heating and cooling peak loads, plus reserve to cover equipment outages. Our capacity comprises three steam-electric stations, four steam-only stations, and capacity supplied under a long-term contract with the Brooklyn Navy Yard Cogeneration Partners.

Complementing the steam production capability is the configuration of the distribution piping systems that have evolved in response to customer location and demand. One of the system's advanced technological features, the Steam Operations Mapping Information System (SOMIS), was created to help minimize service interruptions and manage steam main shut-offs and turn-ons.

As a further commitment to customer service reliability, in 1999 we completed a $200 million, ten-year steam enhancement program designed to improve reliability and structural integrity. During this program, we replaced more than 6,000 components of the steam distribution system with new fittings and manholes with improved design and technology.

Energy Efficient
Steam is the energy source that is produced from a central facility and delivered directly to the customer's premises. There is no need for expensive equipment and reliance on deliveries when using steam. Upon initial installation, the customer is on the system, receiving all the benefits that steam has to offer. Whether for your heating and/or cooling needs, steam is an energy saving alternative. Efficiency is a key factor in the minds of Con Edison and its customers. When it comes to steam, safe, dependable, and efficient service is one of our primary objectives.

Easier to Maintain, Space Efficient
Steam is delivered directly to a central point of entry at your premises. Therefore, unlike other energy sources, there is no need to install large expensive equipment. To a steam customer, this is a significant benefit because valuable space, especially space available for rent, can be used for other purposes.

Environmentally Friendly
Con Edison is committed to promoting environmental excellence. In 2000, the SO earned ISO 14001 certification from the International Organization for Standardization for its world-class environmental programs. The SO also played a key role in Con Edison being awarded the U.S. Coast Guard's William K. Benkert Trophy, the nation's highest award for Excellence in Marine Environmental Protection.

Another accomplishment was the safe removal of one million pounds of asbestos in 1999. Closely monitored by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, SO used removal methods that resulted in zero violations by Con Edison or its contractors.

When businesses choose steam, they choose to improve air quality. Steam service provides significant benefits to consumers and to the city by reducing the use of space-heating boilers and trucks to deliver fuel oil. Production of steam in our central plants offers improved dispersion of emissions through tall stacks that range from 350 to over 500 feet in height. Our boilers use low sulfur oil or clean-burning natural gas to produce steam. We have reduced opacity at our plants by 65% over the past few years. In a joint project with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), we have installed state-of-the-art burners to lower nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

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